Meet James Hardie Partners

  1. Three Birds Renovations: A renovation company built by three mums and best friends, Bonnie, Lana, and Erin. They began by flipping houses. With over seven years of experience, they have a decent amount of knowledge about house renovations. They rely on the exterior and interior cladding projects offered by James Hardie for their renovation projects.
  2. Architects: James Hardie has partnered with several Australian architects and institutions like Retallack Thompson, Preston Lane Architects, and Lineburg Wang. Their architectural visions have helped the ambitions of James Hardie and built effective solutions for homeowners who were on the lookout for aesthetically designed houses.
  3. Futureflip: Futureflip is a design and building company. The company prioritizes luxury homes and custom duplexes. They also offer tailored home designs for their clients. Their team has built around 100 homes and holds a combined building experience of 30 years in this business. They inspire homeowners to explore the different styles for their homes.
  4. Style sourcebook: Style sourcebook is an online community designed to help renovators, interior designers, decorators, and builders work on their home ideas and bring them to life. They help users interactively mix and match their interior and exterior finishes, fittings, furniture, and homeware to plan their product purchases. James Hardie has partnered with Style Sourcebook to showcase their cladding products so renovators and new home builders can easily look through the different interior and exterior spaces possibilities. In addition, you can create mood boards and build a focus on Modern Looks. You can also mix and match several materials to build your style.
  5. Kyal and Kara: Kyal and Kara have designed and completed around 25 renovation projects, and their main passion lies in renovations. For instance, the ‘Blue Lagoon’ build is a lagoon-style design that matches the beach house aesthetic. As a result, you get an open-plan living, indoor-outdoor area, and a great kitchen just near the Blue Lagoon beach. Their Blue Lagoon series is quite famous among their customers.
  6. Joe Snell: Joe Snell is a registered architect with experience in interior design, architecture, urban event installations, and lighting designs. His main project is to improve a homeowner’s knowledge about design. His expertise has been used across several James Hardie books, including the Modern Home Look Book and Australian Home Design Guide.
  7. Natalee Bowen: Natalee is an interior designer, builder, writer, etc. She is quite famous for being a Hamptons Expert in Australia and globally. She has around 20 years of experience in the industry.




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